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Bingo Cards!

My bingo cards for the SWG/silmladylove Tolkien Femslash Week! I may or may not have gone a little overboard.

I'm tentative about the art and format cards--I'm new to digital art, but am determined to put my shiny new graphics tablet to use, and I have't tried most of the formats, so that'll be interesting. I'm also determined to go through the review/rec card and review and rec as many fics as possible, whether or not they count towards my bingo--and hopefully fics which I've never read before!



Nice cards!
Good luck with all that!
I'm really short of time, but I should try to at least do a bit with the rec & review card. And maybe pick up one or two others, just in case...
Thank you for the luck, I will definitely need it!

(And filling every square on the rec and review card, whether or not the numbers are drawn, is my goal for this week!)